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2. January 2019
Aramid Yarn

Star Materials Aramid Yarn


Para-aramid belongs to the aromatic polyamide family. The full name is poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide), abbreviated as PPTA or Aramid-II.

Due to its good characteristics in high strength, low density, low elongation at break, high modulus, non-conductive, good corrosion resistance, low thermal shrinkage, fire resistance and cut-proof. It is widely used in:

  • building and bridge construction
  • tire cord and fabrics
  • hoses and belts
  • optical fiber cables
  • high-strength ropes

Technical Characteristics Table:

Items Unit Standard Result
Cross Section - Round
Density g/cm³ 1.44
CV of Linear density (*1) % ±2
Tenacity at break cN/dtex =19.5
CV of Tenacity at break % ≤5.0
Elongation at break % 3.5±1.0
CV of Elongation at break % ≤5.0
Elastic Modulus Gpa (*2) 90±15
Oil Pick-up % 0.8±0.2
Moisture Regain % 2.5±1.5
Specific Electric Resistance Ω 109
Thermal Shrinkage (*3) % <0.2
Degraded Tem.(*4) °C >500
Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) % =29

Notes: *1. CV of Linear Density is measured on the basis of Nominal Linear Density. *2. 1 GPa=6.9 Cn/dtex *3. Testing conditions for Thermal Shrinkage: 15 mins under 190°C *4. Degradation test is done under N2 atmosphere.