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5. January 2019
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3. September 2021
PP Filler Yarn

Star Materials Polypropylene Filler Yarn


Star Materials produces one of the best PP Fillers in China. We offer different grades of this yarn with the intent to meet the different demands of our customer's cables. Optionally we can also calibrate the softness of the yarn. Send us your sample and we will match our product to yours.

Normal Grade is suitable for large cables and is low in price. It is used for example in power cables, aerial cables, rubber cables, etc.
High Grade is suitable for all kinds of cables with a lower unit weight and reasonable price, no joint inside.
Super Grade is made by 100% virgin PP and has an excellent tensile strength, no joint. The original color is transparent but we can offer it in different colors.
Super Grade Twisted is made by 100% virgin PP and has the best tensile strength - without joint. Due to the twisting, it has the accurate diameter and can easily make the cable round and smooth. The original color is transparent but we can also offer it in different colors. It’s suitable for all kinds of cables especially submarine cables and elevator cables.


Specification Unit Normal Grade High Grade Super Grade Super Grade Twisted
Linear Density Denier (D) 20,000-800,000 3,800-300,000 3,800-200,000 3,800-60,000
Diameter mm 2-30 0.8-12 0.8-8 0.8-5
Breaking Strength g/D 0.2-0.6 0.6-1.4 2-3.5 2.3-3.8
Elongation % ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20
Heat Shrinkage
% ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Color - White White Transparent, Blue, Black, etc. Transparent, Blue, Black, etc.

Note: 9Denier=1g/km

Tube & Bobbin size:

Size A B C
38, 50, 76 38, 50, 76 50, 76
Tube Height
250-260 300-320 400-430
180-250 200-350 300-500
2.5-8 5-15 15-40

Please contact us for custom sizes and softnesses