PBT Compounds

Star Materials PBT Compounds for Optical Fiber (or fiber-optical) cables


Our quality PBT is the best material to make a loose tube for fiber-optic cables. These cables rely on the fiber to transmit information. In order to protect the fiber from getting damaged when the cable is inserted, it is required to put a piece or some pieces of fiber into a loose tube filled with petroleum jelly to let the fiber move freely inside the tube made out of PBT. 

Technical Characteristics Table:

Number Item Unit Result
1 Density g/cm³ 1.25-1.35
2 Melt Index (250°C, 2160g) g/10 min 7.0-15.0
3 Water Content % ≤0.1
4 Saturated water absorptivity % ≤0.5
5 Yield Strength Mpa ≥50
Yield Elongation % 5.0-10
Elongation at Break % ≥100
Tensile modules of elasticity Mpa ≥2100
6 Flexural Modulus Mpa ≥2200
Flexural Strength at 3.5% Bending Strain Mpa ≥60
7 Melt Point °C 210-230
8 Shore Hardness Hp / ≥70
9 Cantilever beam impact strength
23°C KJ/m² ≥5.0
Minus 40°C ≥4.0
10 Coefficient of linear expansion
10-4K-1 ≤2.0
11 Volume Resistance Ω•cm ≥1x1015
12 Heat deflection temperature
1.8MPa °C ≥55
0.45MPa ≥170
13 Compatibility with Filling Compound
Yield Strength Mpa ≥50
Elongation at Break % ≥100
14 Appearance   Cream white, pale yellow, colorless & transparent columned granular