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6. January 2019
Copolymer Coated Steel Tape (CCST)
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Star Materials Copolymer Coated Aluminum Tape (CCAT)

Star Materials Copolymer Coated Aluminum Tape (CCAT)


The Star Materials Copolymer Coated Aluminum Tape (CCAT) is used inside of underground power/telecommunication cables. Its main purpose is to ensure stability and continuity of flawless power and telecommunication. Additionally, the CCAT function is to avoid interference, moisture penetration and corrosion but also to avoid separation of inner cable sections or groups.

This tape consists of an aluminum tape on one side and an adherent ethylene copolymer coating on the other side, is available either as natural or in blue color.

The Copolymer shows excellent adhesion to the aluminum substrate. It bonds to low density polyethylene (PE), linear low-density PE, medium density PE and high-density PE. The aluminum is of a great purity and quality, and has high conductivity characteristics.

We offer this tape either single sided or double sided. Please check below table for thicknesses.

Technical Characteristics Table:

Property Unit Standard Test Method
Aluminum Thickness mm 0.10 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.30 YD/T 723.2-2007
EAA Copolymer Thickness mm 0.05+/-0.01
Total Thickness  (Single Side) mm 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.30 0.35
Total Thickness (Double Sides) mm 0.20 0.25 0.30 0.35 0.40
Tensile Strength* Mpa ≥58 ASTM E8
Elongation % ≥10 ASTM E8
Peel Strength N/cm ≥6.13 ASTM B736
Heat Seal Strength N/cm ≥17.5 ASTM B736
Water Resistance Peel Strength
(68±1°C, 168h)
N/cm ≥6.13 ASTM B736
Filler/Floodant - Single Side(DC 1KV 1min) Without Breakdown REAPE-39, PE-89
Dielectric Strength (DC 1KV 1 min) - Double Sides(DC 2KV 1min)  
Corrosion Resistance (0.1mol/L NaOH 480h) Grade ≥7  

*Tensile strength test result calculations are according to aluminum thickness, not total thickness.

Winding Solution:

Type ID
Standard Width
Pad 102(4“),152(6“), 203(8“), 406(16“) 2050-4400 ≥12 Metal, Plastic
Jumbo 102(4“),152(6“), 203(8“), 406(16“) 2050-4400 500,600 Metal

Colors: Natural (Silver)