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Muscovite Glass Mica Tape

Muscovite Glass Mica Tape

The Star Material Muscovite Glass Mica Tape consists of Calcined Muscovite mica paper and is reinforced with alkali-free fiberglass cloth with a precise amount of special silicone resin adhesive in-between. Our tapes have exceptional high dielectric strength, great flexibility, high tensile strength and show outstanding high temperature resistance towards fire and flame.

These Tapes can be widely used for fire resistant cables, flame retardant cables and high temperature resistant cable. This tape can resist temperatures of up to 1000°C.

Technical Characteristics Table:

Specification Unit CMG125G CMHG145G CMG170G
Construction   Calcined Muscovite Mica Paper / Fiberglass
Thickness mm 0.12±0.015 0.13±0.015 0.14±0.015
Total Weight g/m² 125±15 145±15 170±15
Mica Paper Content g/m² >55 >60 >60
Bonding Agent Content g/m² 20±3
Tensile Strength N/cm ≥100
Dielectric Strength KV ≥1.8 ≥2.0 ≥2.0
Fire Resistance   Pass IEC60331:1999 flame resistance test
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