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Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant  Coated Fiberglass Tape

Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Coated Fiberglass Tape

The Star Material Flame Retardant Fiberglass Tape is a binding tape with special flame retardant coating treatment, which can resist flame and it is not against the environment.  The base material is fiberglass and covered with low smoke halogen free materials.



Technical Characteristics Table: 

Specification Unit CFGT-17 CFGT-20
Thickness mm 0.17±0.02 0.20±0.03
Width mm More than 15mm,  ±1mm
Unit Weight g/m2 180±20 220±20
Tensile Strength N/cm ≥150 ≥150
Oxygen Index % ≥50
Asbestos   Free

Winding Solution:

Type ID
Standard Width
Pad 52(2“), 58(2.3“), 76(3“) 200-400 ≥15 Plastic or Paper

The OD depends on tape width and customer requirement. 

Packaging and Marking:
The product will be packed in paper carton with PE film bag and bubble paper inside. It is then sealed and inserted in a wooden case or packed on a wooden pallet. After it is fixed, an external plastic coversheet is wrapped around it to avoid water penetration.

Storage Information:
The product has a shelf life of 12 months from production date if stored in unopened original packages, under dry and clean conditions at temperatures between 10-30°C. The product will be damaged if it is stored in a moist area or if it gets in contact with water.