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Copper Polyester Tapes

Copper Polyester Tapes

One of our superstars is Copper Polyester Tape (CU/PET). This tape is used as shielding foil for cables which must be free of electromagnetic or electrostatic interference. The copper layer has excellent mechanical and shielding characteristics where as the polyester layer provides the electric insulation characteristics and makes the tape softer to wrap. The Copper Polyester Tape is used in low and medium voltage cables, control cables, coaxial cables, and many more… 

Technical Characteristics Table:

Structure Thickness
Tensile Strength
CU15/PET12 30 153 6.5 ≥100 ≥10
CU15/PET23 41 169 5.6
CU18/PET23 44 195 5.1
CU20/PET23 46 213 4.7
CU40/PET23 66 391 2.5
CU50/PET50 103 518 1.9

Values shown are for references only. For more accurate figures, please ask for technical data sheets

Winding Solution:

Type ID
Pad 52(2“), 58(2.3“), 76(3“), 83(3.25“), 102(4“), 152(6“) Up to 500 ≥5 Plastic, Paper
Spool 76(3") 200-300 Up to 35 Paper
Jumbo 76(3"), 152(6") 200-500 300, 350 Paper, Metal

 The OD depends on tape width and customer requirement. For other sizes please contact us.

Packaging and Marking: The product will be packed in paper carton with PE film bag and foam paper inside. It is then sealed and inserted in a wooden case or packed on a wooden pallet. After it is fixed, an external plastic coversheet is wrapped around it to avoid water penetration.

Storage: The product has a shelf life of 12 months from production date if stored in unopened original packages, under dry and clean conditions at temperatures between 10-30°C. The product will be damaged if stored in a moist area or contacted with water.

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