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Aluminum Polyester Aluminum Tape

Aluminum Polyester Aluminum Tape

The Star Material Aluminum Polyester Tape (AL/PET/AL or ALU/PET/ALU), occasionally also called “Double Sided Aluminum Polyester Tape”, is used as a shielding foil for cables which must be free of electromagnetic or electrostatic interference. It is widely used in different communication cables for example: data cables, coaxial cables, LAN cables, signal cables, etc.

• Aluminum foil
• Polyester film
• Aluminum foil

Technical Characteristics Table: 

Structure Thickness
Tensile Strength
AL7/PET12/AL7 32 60.6 16.5 ≥60 ≥15
AL9/PET12/AL9 36 71.4 14
AL9/PET25/AL9 49 89.6 11.2
AL9/PET36/AL9 60 105 9.5
AL20/PET20/AL20 66 142 7.0
AL25/PET20/AL25 76 169 5.9

Values shown are for references only. For more accurate figures, please ask for technical data sheets.

Winding Solution:

Type ID
Pad 52(2“), 58(2.3“), 76(3“), 83(3.25“), 102(4“), 152(6“) Up to 600 ≥5 Plastic, Paper
Spool 76 (3“) 200-350 Up to 35 Paper
Jumbo 76(3“), 152(6")  300-600  500,720  Paper, Metal

The OD depends on tape width and customer requirement. For other sizes please contact us.

 Packaging and Marking: The product will be packed in paper carton with PE film bag and bubble paper inside. It is then sealed and inserted in a wooden case or packed on a wooden pallet. After it is fixed, an external plastic coversheet is wrapped around it to avoid water penetration.

Storage: The product has a shelf life of 12 months from production date if stored in unopened original packages, under dry and clean conditions at temperatures between 10-30°C. The product will be damaged if stored in a moist area or contacted with water.

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